We Provide You With Everything You Need to Negotiate with Your Creditors.

The process of Self Help Debt Settlement also known as DIY Debt Settlement is very basic. Individuals can simply search the internet for the steps to complete the debt settlement process on their own. The principal dilemma is how to maintain all of the creditors and offers in an organized process.

2SettleMyDebt.com provides their users with secure internet access to "user specific databases" and preformatted letters that assist individuals in negotiating directly with their creditors. The website also provides the users to choose either debt reduction or debt settlement programs. Both programs are fully explained and facilitated by their Patent Pending method of debt negotiation.

Once a consumer signs up for their self help debt negotiation web based program they have secure individual access to the databases, video tutorials, explanations of both the debt settlement and debt reduction methods. We also provide the users a complimentary copy of a Do It Yourself Debt Settlement eBook written by Madeline Lee. This eBook was written by a woman who researched the internet then settled her debts without the use a debt settlement company. This saved her thousands of dollars because she was able to control the negotiations with her creditors.

Madeline Lees website states: "This is an ingenious new completely out of the box method of stepping you through the actual process. This method will help you through the confusion of which letter to send and when, Starting with the initial hardship letters and then provide an ongoing space for you to enter all your creditors information for each outstanding debt, and then be able to monitor them. By going through this secure confidential process, you have a direct communication path open to the creditors and collectors, thereby eliminating the anger and frustrations both parties go through. It truly is ingenious, will have everything you need to tackle your unsecured debt head on".

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