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Can I Really Settle My Debts Without A Debt Settlement Company?

Settle Your Own Debt

The Answer Is Very Simple

Yes, you can settle your own debt. It is all about having the knowledge and the tools to do it! If you decide to sign up with our patent pending self help debt settlement method, you will have both. We have provided the basics, free of charge. Of course we will not tell you all our secrets, but we are providing you with the basic information to settle your own debt.

Self Help Debt Settlement

Do It Yourself Debt Settlement Advise.

We made the patent pending debt negotiation module very user friendly. The secure website contains a database that allows you to: make debt reduction or debt settlement offers to your creditors. The information below are a few basic points you need to remember at all times.

Keep a record of all of your conversations with creditors and include the date, time and the person's name you spoke with. It may come in handy later if there is a dispute over payment or settlement arrangements.

Don't argue with collectors or use profane language. Your phone call is often recorded and it may make creditors less likely to offer you a favorable settlement amount.

Don't write paid in full on any checks you write to a creditor, especially if it is an amount that wasn't agreed upon. It is an urban legend that if a creditor cashes the check with this written on it, the debt will be considered settled.

Always get a letter from the creditor with the agreed upon amount of the settlement or similar payment arrangement. A verbal agreement isn't valid in many states and it would be your word against the collector.

Know your rights as a consumer. Some unscrupulous collectors are counting on you not knowing your rights, find out what your rights are.